Long Term Effects of Heroin

Long Term Effects of Heroin Heroin is a narcotic drug that works by attaching itself to the human opioid receptors. Heroin gives the user a feeling of well-being and happiness called euphoria. Many people who expose themselves to this drug become addicted to it physically and mentally. The mental addiction is an intense craving for the euphoria. The physical addiction is a need for the person to consume the drug every day to avoid withdrawal symptoms. After the person’s body becomes accustomed to heroin, he or she will experience painful physical ailments upon attempting to stop taking the drug. Examples of withdrawal symptoms are nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, muscle pains and diarrhea.

Long Term Effects of Heroin

Prolonged exposure to heroin may cause several adverse effects in the user. One possible long-term effect of heroin use is collapsed veins. Heroin depresses the respiratory system, so illnesses such as pneumonia and tuberculosis can also come about. Another possible consequence of using heroin long-term is arthritis. Infections of the heart lining and valves may also occur. People who inject heroin run the risk of developing HIV, hepatitis, and other infectious diseases. The most frightening long-term effect of heroin is the continued addiction. As time passes, the user’s addiction will become more costly and time consuming. At some point the person will lose desire to accomplish anything other than seeking more heroin. The only way out is for the individual to seek help from a reputable addiction treatment facility.

Help for Heroin Addiction

Before a person gets to where he or she is suffering from the long-term effects of heroin, he or she should contact a treatment facility. Since narcotic drugs are so tricky and difficult to quit, the individual should choose a facility that has advanced treatment programs. Our facility has an innovative detoxification program that assists the clients on many levels.

Help For Heroin AddictionThe first step in recovery from suffering with the long-term effects of heroin is detoxification. The client will have to allow the heroin to run out of his or her system. This process could take approximately five days to one week. We offer our clients a very quiet and serene environment where they can peacefully detoxify. Our detoxification program also incorporates the use of spas. Spas can help minimize the muscle pains associated with detoxification. They can also help to ease the client into a relaxed mood so that he or she will have the will to proceed through the process.

In addition to providing our clients with a comfortable detoxification area, we also give them full support. Medically trained specialists will monitor and care for clients throughout the detoxification process. Our counselors will help to guide the clients into living their new drug-free lives. This combination of physical and mental fortification increases the possibility of life-long sobriety for our members. Anyone who wishes to stop using and avoid experiencing the long-term effects of heroin may contact our facility at a suitable time. A friendly and helpful representative will return the contact as quickly as possible and discuss a possible meeting time.

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