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Zoloft Withdrawal Symptoms

What Zoloft Does

Zoloft is generally prescribed to individuals who suffer from various conditions, including obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic attacks and depression. It is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, otherwise known as an SSRI. This drug has been designed to re-balance chemicals in the brain when they become unbalanced. It is the unbalanced chemicals causing the aforementioned conditions. By balancing these chemicals, these conditions should cease.

Zoloft Addiction

Once an individual starts using Zoloft, if he becomes addicted to the drug, he will suffer withdrawal symptoms upon dosage reduction or discontinuing its use. Zoloft withdrawal produces specific symptoms, which are called, ‘SSRI discontinuation syndrome’ or ‘SSRI withdrawal syndrome.’ Some of the withdrawal symptoms associated with this drug can be extremely uncomfortable.

The seriousness of the withdrawal symptoms will depend on the extent of the individual’s addiction. These symptoms range from dizziness to what is called ‘brain shocks.’ The good news is that there is a way to help ease these symptoms or possibly eliminate them altogether. Assistance with Zoloft withdrawal, from a reputable drug detox facility, will make discontinuing Zoloft less difficult for you or your loved one.

When to Suspect Zoloft Withdrawal

When an individual taking Zoloft, has suddenly discontinued using it or reduced the dose for at least four weeks, withdrawal should be suspected.

When symptoms appearing are:

  • not related to the psychiatric illness that the individual was using Zoloft to treat.
  • severe enough to interrupt the usual occupational, social or any other aspect of the individual’s life.
  • not resulting from another medical disorder or drug.

The Withdrawal Symptoms of Zoloft


Suddenly stopping Zoloft, without the proper assistance, can make life more difficult. The risk of falling from a dizzy spell increases the chance for an injury to occur. This symptom can also cause nausea, only adding to the discomfort.


Insomnia, the inability to sleep, is another extreme, yet common, symptom associated with Zoloft withdrawal. Unless approved by a physician, sleeping aids must be avoided. Otherwise, there could be a negative interaction between the remaining Zoloft in the body and the sleeping aid. The inability to sleep will lead to fatigue and feeling irritated.

Night Sweats

Although this symptom is not considered very serious, it can be extremely annoying. Once awakened, the individual is usually shivering due to the cool room air on his wet body. He will generally have to change his bedding and clothing before going back to sleep.

Uncontrolled Body Movements While Sleeping

This is one of the more common sleep disorders linked to Zoloft withdrawal. This condition is similar to restless leg syndrome (RLS), but affecting every part of the body. This causes him to constantly change positions and kick his legs.

Teeth Grinding

This is not a very serious side affect, but can damage the teeth.

Weight Gain and/or Weight Loss

Whenever medications are changed, it seems that eating habits generally follow.

Painful Brain Shocks

Those suffering withdrawal symptoms related to Zoloft have pain within their brains. This pain has been described as:

  • Brain shivers
  • Cranial zings
  • Brain zaps
  • Brain shocks

Other Withdrawal Symptoms Related to Zoloft

  • Confusion
  • Sense of spinning (vertigo)
  • Nervousness
  • Headache
  • Sadness
  • Tremors
  • Feelings of electric-shock
  • Profuse sweating
  • Nightmares
  • Anger
  • Emotional liability (uncontrollable laughing and/or involuntary crying)
  • Bad moods
  • Sexual dysfunction (men and women)

A set criteria does not diagnose Zoloft withdrawal, therefore, it is diagnosed based on the history of the individual. This history includes the dose reduction or abrupt cessation of the drug and the specific symptoms mentioned above.

Seeking Assistance

Many individuals, suffering with antidepressant addictions, do not think about seeking assistance from an addiction treatment facility. These individuals, mistakenly believe, that addiction treatment facilities are specifically designed for those suffering with addiction to illegal drugs. This is not true; individuals interested in preventing or managing their withdrawal symptoms from Zoloft, can find help at Blue Water Detox. Here, an individual can comfortably recover from his addiction to Zoloft.

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