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Suboxone Withdrawal Symptoms

Suboxone, also known as buprenorphine, is a type of prescription medication used for pain relief or to help those addicted to opiates through the withdrawal process. When suboxone is prescribed, its use must be closely monitored to prevent suboxone addiction. Although the drug is used to help those addicted to heroin, oxycontin and opium detox more comfortably, suboxone is also addictive.

When the hope of overcoming one addiction is lost to suboxone addiction, it can feel as if you or your loved one has failed at sobriety. But all hope is not lost and it is possible to break free from suboxone addiction. Similar to other drugs in the opioid family, quitting suboxone must be done carefully to ensure the safety of the user. A caring, knowledgeable counselor at Blue Water Detox can answer your questions and provide more information regarding these aspects of suboxone addiction and withdrawal.

Signs of Suboxone Addiction

The signs of suboxone addiction are similar to other drug addictions. But, with this prescription drug, your loved one may resort to some of the same efforts other prescription drug abusers do. Doctor shopping to find a physician who will fill the user’s prescription is a common sign of addiction, as is obtaining it illegally. When their need for the drug overrides everything else in life, it’s clear your loved one needs help.

Withdrawal From Suboxone

Those going through an unsupervised detox from suboxone can experience withdrawal symptoms that include dizziness, headaches, drowsiness and nausea. Even though the risk of suffering severe withdrawal symptoms is lower with suboxone, it is still present. Choosing to withdraw alone from suboxone can be dangerous and is not recommended.

The Dangers of Detoxing Alone

Going through the detoxification without medical monitoring can put you or your loved one at-risk for many serious consequences. The cravings experienced during detox can feel overpowering, leading the addict to feel restless and irritable. As an unsupervised detox continues, withdrawal symptoms can become more intense and severe, and include vomiting, muscle aches, diarrhea and cramping. A person who’s detoxing alone can become severally dehydrated from diarrhea and vomiting, and is also at-risk of injury from falling while dizzy. Although some believe it would be more comfortable to detox at home, in familiar surroundings, doing so can put them in danger.

The Consequences of Avoiding Treatment

The fact that suboxone is a prescription drug doesn’t make abuse or misuse of it any safer than an illegal street drug. The inability to obtain suboxone may lead you or your loved one to substitute another opiate to feel better. This downward spiral can lead to illegal trouble, family stress and serious health issues.

Blue Water Detox Program

The expert staff at Blue Water Detox can help you or your loved ones through suboxone withdrawal and treatment. Following the intake process and medical assessment, the user is closely monitored through the detox process to ensure safety and comfort. A safe detox phase, followed by a treatment program tailored to your loved one’s needs helps him or her become equipped for a life free from drugs and the consequences of active addiction.

Seeking help for suboxone detox is vital to your health and safety, or that of your loved one. There’s no need to hesitate out of fear that opiate addiction withdrawal will be scary or uncomfortable. The caring staff at Blue Water Detox wants to help you or your loved one through treatment. Contact Blue Water Detox today, Take the first step today by calling an intake counselor or filling out the feedback form. The step you take today could save your loved one’s life and restore hope to your family.

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