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Lortab Withdrawal Symptoms

Lortab AddictionLortab & Addiction

Even medications that are prescribed by physicians have the potential to become habit-forming. Lortab is one of those medications. Because of this, the majority of physicians use extreme caution when prescribing this medication, only using it for certain symptoms. Although patients are advised to take Lortab as prescribed, some patients do not heed this warning. Once dependency has occurred, detoxification is necessary.

Lortab is the brand name for a medication that consists of hydrocodone mixed with acetaminophen. Physicians prescribe it for pain. Hydrocodone is classified as an opiate. Opiates are derived from a plant known as the Asian opium poppy.

Why People Become Addicted to Lortab

Because Lortab contains the opiate hydrocodone, some of its properties cause a feeling of overall well-being and elation. Some individuals have stated that when taking the drug, they felt more outgoing and had a surplus of energy.

After some time, the body will begin depending on the ability of Lortab to enhance its mood. This is when dependency occurs. The longer an individual takes this medication, the more tolerant he becomes to it. This causes him to require much higher doses of the drug to feel its pleasurable effects.

There are also physical dependency issues, making discontinuing the use of Lortab without medical supervision dangerous and more difficult. When discontinuing the use of this medication, numerous withdrawal symptoms will ensue.

Dangers of Lortab and AlcoholDangers of Continued Lortab Use

Individuals abusing this drug can overdose, mainly because of the acetaminophen. Addicts also suffer liver problems because they consume this drug for extended periods. Those who drink alcohol while taking this drug increase their risk of suffering liver damage.

Withdrawal Symptoms Associated with Lortab

When an individual stops taking any opiate drug he can become ferociously ill; especially if medical treatment is not received during his detoxification process. It is imperative that when an individual expresses his desire to quit taking Lortab, he is referred to a reputable professional detox center like the Blue Water Detox facility.

Dangers of Self DetoxDangers of Detoxifying without Medical Treatment

Numerous complications have been attributed to detoxifying without medical assistance, these complications include:

  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Death

Stopping the use of this drug ‘cold turkey’ is not advised. When an individual is detoxifying from this drug, he needs to be monitored closely by professionally trained medical personnel and physicians. The Blue Water Detox facility has these professionals to assist their patients through the detoxification process. Patients are also given various medications to lessen their withdrawal symptoms. This helps make their transition process less painful.

Opiate Class Drugs Detoxification Symptoms

There is an assortment of withdrawal symptoms when detoxifying from drugs such as Lortab:

  1. Initially, psychological issues will arise, as the individual feels depressed without the drug in his system. This causes him to have very strong cravings for the drug.
  2. Within three days, the physical symptoms will begin. Many individuals state that the first symptoms are similar to that of the flu or a cold, including:
  • Body aches
  • Runny nose
  • Muscle cramps
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting

Most patients will also experience profuse sweating and dilated pupils. Some patients will be also disoriented and confused.

Blue Water Detox Can Help

Blue Water Detox offers caring programs that are professionally tailored for each of its patients. The professionals at Blue Water understand all the changes that are occurring in the brain and body of the user as he is undergoing the detoxification process. They realize that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ treatment for their patients. Treatment plans are specifically designed for each patient to ensure the best care possible is received by each patient at Blue Water Detox.

If you or a loved one is suffering with addiction, contact Blue Water Detox. The safe, serene environment, physicians and professionally trained staff can help you eliminate the downward spiral of drug abuse and work toward your brighter tomorrow.


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