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Lorazepam Withdrawal Symptoms

What is LorazepamWhat is Lorazepam?

Lorazepam, which is sold as Ativan and Temesta, is a benzodiazepine drug that is prescribed to patients for purposes including anxiety relief, insomnia relief, seizure prevention, and sedation of high agitation levels. Many patients who are struggling with Lorazepam dependency or addiction have been given this medication by a physician, and the medication was intended for short term usage. In some cases the medication may be prescribed for longer periods but the patient may begin taking more than prescribed as the body becomes accustomed to the dosage. Other people who are struggling with Lorazepam addiction or dependency get the medication from others for whom it was prescribed or purchase it from people who are selling it illegally.

RX Drug MisconceptionsMisconceptions of RX Drugs

There is often a misconception about the usage of prescription drugs today: Some people assume that if a medication is a prescription one that it must not be addictive or dangerous. With medications such as Lorazepam, this is actually far from the truth. Lorazepam can be highly habit forming and when it is taken regularly and/or at high dosages, it can have very negative effects upon the body and mind.

Another common misconception about the use of prescription drugs is that you can just decide to quit suddenly after a prolonged period of taking such medications. This is far from the truth: Anytime that you plan to detox from a drug, prescription or not, medical supervision is absolutely essential.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Lorazepam withdrawal symptoms can vary in duration and severity according to the individual, but most of the withdrawal symptoms themselves are common amongst all people dependent upon the drug. Withdrawal symptoms will include:

  • Nausea
  • vomiting
  • tremors
  • muscle cramping
  • stomach cramping
  • inner ear ringing
  • sweating
  • and even convulsions.

Lorazepam WithdrawalThe severity of Lorazepam withdrawal symptoms is what makes a medical detox a priority for patients who are suffering from addiction or dependency. In a medical detox, a physician will see to each aspect of the patient’s recovery, making the process as smooth and painless as possible. In cases where serious problems like convulsions occur, the medical staff is there to treat the convulsions with any needed medications. There are some medications that are safe for use during detox, and these may be used as an aid to patient comfort.

 Blue Water Detox Can Help

At Blue Water Detox, patients will get full medical supervision as they undergo the detox process. At no time will a patient have to endanger their lives to detox: That is one of the main purposes of the Blue Water Detox program, that each patient will be able to complete their detox in a secure atmosphere. Detoxes that are attempted at home will almost always fail, and around 35 percent of home detoxes will end in death.

Blue Water Detox will gently and securely guide you or your loved one through Lorazepam withdrawals, and be there to help with the transition into a happy drug free life.


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