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Ketamine Withdrawal Symptoms

What is KetamineWhat is Ketamine?

When used appropriately and legally, ketamine is traditionally used by veterinarians as a type of anesthesia. It is also occasionally used as a human anesthetic, as well. In recent years, ketamine has gained popularity as a recreational drug because of its hallucinogenic effects. Teens and young adults especially are drawn to the trance-like effect it produces, similar to the street drug PCP.

Learning More About Ketamine Can Be Life-Saving

Symptoms of Ketamine AbuseKetamine is often used alone or in combination with other drugs, such as Ecstasy. This dangerous drug can put you or your loved one at-risk of sustaining physical harm and experiencing potentially life-threatening side effects. At Blue Water Detox we understand the fear and pain of watching your loved one, especially a child, succumb to effects of ketamine abuse. By filling out the feedback form or calling us, you can speak to an intake counselor who can provide you with more information about the different aspects of ketamine described below and get help today.

  • Symptoms of Ketamine Abuse. When someone abuses ketamine they experience hallucinations, mood swings or bouts of intense fear that lead to stress in personal relationships. A serious shift in your loved one’s personality and behavior can signal ketamine abuse. In addition to emotional instability, ketamine can also cause learning difficulties, and your loved one might resort to stealing to support his or her expensive ketamine addiction.
  • Dangers of Ketamine Abuse. Ketamine causes the user to become numb and experience difficulties moving during its peak phase. Because of this, your loved one can be in danger of physical harm if someone tries to hurt them and they’re unable to protect themselves. Abusing this dangerous drug can also damage the bladder and kidneys, and it can lead to memory loss.
  • Ketamine Withdrawal Symptoms. With continued abuse, you or your loved one’s body develops a tolerance to ketamine. This means that more of the drug must be taken to achieve the same feeling of floating and detachment the user has come to enjoy. Anxiety, agitation and rage are common withdrawal symptoms that drive your loved one to get his or her next fix. Since ketamine comes with a high price tag, your previously honorable family member will stoop to pilfering or stealing to obtain the necessary money for the next fix.
  • Getting Help for Ketamine Abuse. If you or your loved one have experienced the detrimental effects of ketamine addiction, it’s time to seek professional help. A caring, professional counselor at Blue Water Detox is ready to speak with you about our safe and effective detox program so hope for the future can be regained through recovery.
  • Blue Water Detox Treatment Programs. Our staff members understand the pain and fear associated with drug detox. That’s why our treatment programs include the option of medical detox to help alleviate ketamine withdrawal symptoms. In the comforts of luxurious accommodations, you or your loved one will receive specialized care and close monitoring to ensure a safe transition from ketamine addiction to a life of recovery.

Begin Recovery Today

Reaching out for help today can put you or your loved one on the road to recovery. The compassionate, caring professionals at Blue Water Detox can help you end the agony you’ve endured due to ketamine abuse. Prevent yourself or your loved one from becoming a ketamine statistic by making the first step toward health, hope and recovery today.

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