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Effexor Withdrawal Symptoms

What Is EffexorWhat is Effexor?

Effexor is the brand name of the drug Venlafaxine, which is typically prescribed to help treat depression and certain anxiety issues. Studies are still underway to determine if Effexor may be helpful for other mental and physical conditions, with hot flashes in the running as one of the possible ailments it may be able to help control. It usually takes at least four weeks of daily doses to begin to notice the effects, and doctors generally prescribe the drug for extended periods of six months or longer.

Taking the drug under a physician’s care can improve depression and anxiety issues, but abusing it can be hazardous. It can also be hazardous to stop taking Effexor without medical supervision, as Effexor withdrawal comes with a lengthy list of potential symptoms.

Dangers of Effexor Abuse

Effexor abuse of any quantity or frequency can increase the risk of unpleasant or even fatal side effects. Headaches, high blood pressure and changes in vision are some of the more common side effects, although many others can occur. These include ringing in the ears, a rapid heartbeat, chest pains, and abrupt changes in mood or mental clarity.

The most severe Effexor side effects are not as common as the less intense effects, yet they are still a possibility because each individual reacts differently to different drugs. Dizziness, light-headedness and fainting are on the list, as are skin rashes, itchy skin and changes in the menstrual cycle. Severe effects can also include problems urinating, unnatural swelling of various body parts, and an uncontrollable feeling of excitement. In some cases the drug has resulted in difficulty breathing and seizures. The risk of potentially fatal symptoms increases with the length and frequency of abuse.

Effexor Withdrawal SymptomsEffexor Withdrawal Symptoms

As with other drugs, once the body becomes accustomed to regular doses of Effexor, cutting off the body’s steady supply can result in a number of unpleasant side effects. Anxiety and depression top the list of potential symptoms, followed by actions or crying jags that are out of control. Extreme euphoria or fear can kick in, as can a feeling of being constantly in motion.

Other effects can include light-headedness, hearing loss or unexplained noises in the ear, hyperventilation, irritability and increased sweating. Withdrawal may produce dry mouth, headaches and loss of bladder control. Vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, weight loss are on the list of symptoms. Trouble sleeping or the extreme need to sleep, drowsiness, unexplained excitement and trembling hands and feet can come from withdrawal, accompanied by muscle twitches, shortness of breath and disturbances in sensory perceptions. Those experiencing withdrawal may suffer from nervousness, paranoia, rapidly changing moods, nightmares, loss of coordination and seizures.

How Blue Water Detox Can Help

Blue Water Detox can walk a person through the unpleasant and potentially severe withdrawal symptoms of Effexor with the least amount of discomfort and danger. Our medically trained staff can gently decrease the amount of Effexor in the system, which minimizes or avoids the more extreme effects altogether. Purging the drug from the body is the first step on our detox programs, followed by the establishment of a firm recovery foundation.

Everyone is Different

Because each person reacts differently to each particular drug, our programs put individualized attention and treatment front and center. We create a program to meet each person’s specific needs in an environment suited for a successful recovery. Our calm and soothing surroundings provide an ideal locale for ridding the body of toxins and starting a fresh, new substance-free life.

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