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Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

The Problem With Cocaine

Giving up cocaine means giving up the burst of energy it used to bring, which can leave a person in a general state of malaise. Extreme cravings are an earmark of cocaine withdrawal, although they eventually subside over an extended period of time.

Symptoms of Cocaine Withdrawal

Fatigue and depression can set in, as can a slowing down of activities or the desire to do any activities. A person may experience a lack of energy, overruling sadness and tearful outbursts. Angry outbursts, irritability and restlessness are additional effects. The person may have trouble sitting still and begin to pace or fidget mindlessly and ceaselessly.

Cocaine withdrawal can lead to a change in sleeping and eating habits, with those suffering through the symptoms either wanting to sleep all the time or not being able to sleep at all. If sleep does come, it can bring extremely vivid and horrifying dreams. Eating habits can go from infrequent to voracious, with the person experiencing an increased appetite and possible weight gain.

The mind can become sluggish, making it difficult to concentrate or properly remember things. The person may also experience difficulty making even the simplest decisions or difficulty thinking of anything much at all. Feelings of guilt and worthlessness can surface. The person may begin to blame himself or herself for everything that has ever gone wrong or obsessively dwell on everything that went wrong in the past.

In severe cases, cocaine withdrawal may lead to paranoia and a state clinically known as acute psychosis. Acute psychosis is marked by a lost grasp on reality and the belief that imagined horrors are actually real.

Dangers of Cocaine Withdrawal

One of the most extreme dangers during cocaine withdrawal is the potential for suicide. If the mind and body continue the downward spiral into depression and negative thinking, life in general may begin to look bleak and worthless.

A drug overdose is another danger associated with cocaine withdrawal, and not from an overdose of cocaine. The drug withdrawal symptoms may be excruciating enough for the person to seek relief with alcohol or other substances. Such a move only switches the focus of the addiction and does not serve to relieve it. It may also lead to an intentional or accidental overdose, coma or death.

Not seeking help during this crucial withdrawal period can be fatal. Blue Water Detox offers the help a person needs to get through the seemingly intolerable process of withdrawal and survive to build a new life.

How Blue Water Detox Can Help

Blue Water Detox offers a safe, secure and monitored environment so vital for a successful cocaine detoxification program. Our experienced staff and serene surroundings provide comfort and necessarily accommodations to help people through the withdrawal period without the threat of harming themselves or others. Purging the drug from the system is the first step in our comprehensive, in-patient detoxification programs. The next step is calming the mind and refreshing the body for the substance-free lifestyle that is soon to be enjoyed.

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