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Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms

Who is most likely going to suffer with addiction withdrawal?

Addiction WithdrawalAny individual who gets addicted to a particular substance will experience some type of addiction withdrawal symptoms when they abruptly quit using the drug they have become dependent on. Whenever the individual’s body and brain react adversely to a lack of the substance in their bodies, what results are the symptoms of addiction withdrawal. The person’s body becomes acclimated to that substance so when it is not present in the system any longer, these adverse reactions to the absence of it are bound to occur.

Addiction withdrawal symptoms are not selective. They will affect every age group from the young to the elderly whenever addiction or dependency are present. It is not selective and basically affects everyone who falls prey to any addictive substance. The severity of a person’s withdrawal symptoms is usually determined by three elements – genetic make-up, mental state, and physical condition. Since no two individuals are every alike, neither are their addiction withdrawal symptoms.

Addiction withdrawal is both emotional and physical

When you take the wide spectrum of drug abuse, addiction, and dependence into consideration, there are literally hundreds of addiction withdrawal symptoms that you could experience. The more common symptoms listed below are broken down into two categories, emotional and physical.

Emotional addiction withdrawal symptoms – anxiety, depression that occurs over a prolonged period of time, nervousness, thoughts of suicide, and volatile mood swings

Physical addiction withdrawal symptoms – bone and muscle aches or pains, chills and sweats, cramps, fever, nausea and vomiting, runny nose, and sleeplessness

Getting professional help may be your only option

Addiction Withdrawal SymptomsOne of the more common questions regarding addiction withdrawal symptoms is “how long do these symptoms last?” Every case of drug abuse, addiction, or dependency is always different because individuals are uniquely different in some way. For the most part, the average duration of these symptoms is three to five days and they will typically peak about the 4th or 5th day in a medical detox stage of an addiction treatment and recovery program. Where addiction or dependency is extremely severe, these symptoms could last two weeks.

Although there are very few addiction withdrawal symptoms that can be classified as being life-threatening, they can still be extremely painful and uncomfortable. This can lead to much more serious consequences such as relapsing back into the addiction even after a period of abstinence or start having thoughts of suicide. It is also the primary reason why an individual should never go through detox and withdrawal on their own. Medical detox assures that the individual will not only be comfortable but safe while undergoing this.

If you would like more information regarding addiction withdrawal symptoms and the programs we offer to overcome addiction and dependency, talk with one of the specialists here at Blue Water Detox. Our medical detox programs are some of the most effective ones in the US and feature extremely high recovery success rates. The call is FREE so what have you got to lose?

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