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" Blue Water Detox provides a caring, safe, luxurious and supportive environment that will enable you to return to a substance-free lifestyle "

Our location in beautiful Delray Beach Florida provides the ideal setting for detoxification treatment.

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Why Detox?

When people refer to drug and alcohol addiction as a disease, they mean that it’s not something that can be simply overcome. More than simply wanting to do something, the addiction takes hold of drug and alcohol abusers to the point that they literally cannot think of anything besides using again. When addiction reaches this point, willpower becomes a useless tool. Instead, a medically supervised detox is needed to help those afflicted by the disease to cleanse themselves and start over.

The Dangers of Not Detoxing

People can will themselves through many things in life, but kicking an addiction to drugs or alcohol is not one of them. The first reason is that the disease is simply too difficult to fight without help. The brain of the addict is so transformed by the addiction that he or she does not function the same way as others. Sadly, no matter how high their resolve may be, something is likely to come along that will force them to return to their former ways. Detox helps to get people cleaned up in a healthy way, and the subsequent rehabilitation will help them see how to live life in a new way.

The second, and perhaps more important, reason is that detoxing with no medical help is legitimately dangerous. The body of a drug or alcohol abuser is used to having certain chemicals, and if those chemicals are suddenly absent, the abuser suffers from withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms aren’t limited to the shakes and sweatiness usually associated with drug or alcohol withdrawal, but symptoms can also include hallucination, heart attacks and strokes, all of which can prove fatal. While it is admirable if an addict chooses to go it alone and defeat their addiction, the reality is that it poses as much risk as using drugs or alcohol.

The Detox Process

Medical detoxification is done at many rehab facilities, including Blue Water Detox in Delray Beach, Florida. Detox is more than putting recovering addicts in a room without controlled substances. At each step of the detox process, medical personnel is available to help patients through the withdrawals that come in the absence of drugs and alcohol. Staff members have spent years treating recovering addicts and know exactly what to do to get patients through the arduous task of detoxifying. When the detox process is complete, patients will be completely rid of the drugs or alcohol that once polluted their bodies.

At Blue Water Detox, medical supervision also includes the use of medications if the detox process needs assistance. For example, methadone may be used for patients who are experiencing heroin withdrawals. The methadone is used to safely get the patient off of heroin, then the administration of methadone is gradually decreased until the patient no longer needs any substances. Detox is not complete until patients are completely clean from both these assisting medications and the drugs to which they were once addicted. In addition, patients cannot proceed to a conventional rehab program until they complete the detoxification process.

Blue Water Detox

Blue Water Detox has a long history of helping patients to safely and successfully detox, setting the stage for a rehab program that keeps patients clean for good. The environment in South Florida and the proximity to Delray Beach create the perfect atmosphere for wellness, and it helps inspire our patients to get better each day. Blue Water Detox is also well-versed in handling dual diagnosis cases, in which a patient has both an addiction and a mental disorder that needs attention. We provide a safe and comforting environment in which all people are welcome to beat their addictions and reclaim their lives.

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If you or your loved one has found themselves in a losing battle with addiction, please seek help by contacting Blue Water Detox. You are not alone in this fight. We understand what you are going through and we are here to help.

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