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Permanent Drug Detox

5 steps for experiencing a permanent drug detox

Permanent Drug DetoxWhenever you are considering entering an addiction treatment and recovery program, you are probably aware of the fact that you will have to undergo detox and withdrawal as a way to begin your long journey to recovering from your addiction or dependency. Before you enter a rehab program, there are 5 steps that you want to consider in order to achieve a permanent drug detox and not relapse back into that addiction or dependency again. The goal of course is to return home and live substance-free for the rest of your life.

  1. Know what your options are – you’ll need to decide on the type of addiction treatment and recovery center as well as the type of detox (medical or natural) that you want to undergo in order to overcome your problems and recover from your dependency. Make sure you do plenty of research before making your decision.
  2. Determine your clinical and personal needs – once you have researched all of the possible options, it will be easier to determine which program addresses your clinical and personal needs the best so you can make your final decision. Don’t forget about aftercare once you leave the facility and get involved in a support group to further your recovery.
  3. Call these facilities and talk with people – part of your research should involve calling on several addiction treatment and recovery to interview with administrators and directors of their programs. It will help you determine which one can provide you with the best opportunity for achieving a permanent drug detox and successfully recovering from your addiction or dependency.
  4. Make your decision and reserve your space – once you have made your final decision on which facility to enter, you should reserve your space in the facility as soon as possible because the better programs fill up quickly or they may limit the size of their population.
  5. Prepare for your stay – you should check with the facility as to what you they suggest you bring with you and what is not allowed or items you should leave at home. In many cases, they will provide you with a list.

You Are The Key to Success

Permanent Drug DetoxRemember that experiencing a permanent drug detox and rehab rests on your shoulders and how you handle the entire addiction treatment and recovery program. Facilities that advertise a permanent drug detox should be avoided as this issue is highly debatable. It is what you make it and the more you are prepared for what is ahead of you, as well as maintaining a good attitude throughout the program, the better the chance that you will experience a permanent drug detox and rehab outcome.

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