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Oxycontin Detox

What Is OxycontinWhat is Oxycontin?

Oxycontin is a highly powerful drug, and abuse of along with addiction to this medication is becoming more and more common in the world today. If you have found that you are now struggling with the need for Oxycontin, or you are watching a friend or family member who is developing a problem with the drug, you are absolutely right to be concerned. This is a very highly addictive drug, and the fact that it is a prescription medication does not change the fact that it is one of the most dangerous drugs out there, especially if it is taken in dosages that are higher than recommended or if it is taken by people who have not had it prescribed for them by a medical doctor.

An Oxycontin abuser will need to get all traces of this medication out of their system so that they can begin the process of recovery. The initial phase of any Oxycontin recovery program must be Oxycontin detox. Due to the fact that this drug is so highly addictive and has such severe side effects during withdrawal from the drug, a medically supervised detoxification at Blue Water Detox is highly recommended.

Oxycontin Withdrawal SymptomsOxycontin Withdrawal Symptoms

The typical Oxycontin withdrawal symptoms can include a number of physical, psychological, and emotional effects. These symptoms are very stressful, difficult, and even painful for the person dealing with them, so doing detox the right way is absolutely essential. A person who decides to quit using Oxycontin on their own, going “cold turkey”, is placing themselves in a great deal of medical danger. This drug’s very high levels of addiction mean that stopping usage suddenly without any type of medical supervision can be not just a mistake, but a fatal mistake.

Medical Oxycontin DetoxBlue Water Detox is Here to Help

A medical Oxycontin detox, which is one of the specialties at the Blue Water Detox facility, takes a gentle approach to the detox process and ensures patient safety at all times. At Blue Water, the view of the medical professionals who supervise the program is that detox should be as low stress as comfortable as it can possibly be for the patient.

To help make this philosophy into a reality, the doctors at Blue Water Detox are able to dispense medicines that can make a vast difference for people going through the Oxycontin detox process. These medicines can help to vastly reduce the nausea, chills, agitation, insomnia, stress, emotional swings, and other negative symptoms that patients may begin to have as they transition into their Oxycontin free lives.

The Oxycontin detox at Blue Water Detox is not limited to just medical supervision: The whole patient is looked after in a caring, supportive, and positive manner. Emotional, mental, and physical effects of Oxycontin withdrawal and recovery are all handled in a sensitive and caring manner at Blue Water Detox.

Oxycontin detox is the first step towards completely eradicating this dangerous and potentially deadly drug from your life, and Blue Water Detox is here to help through the whole process.

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