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Our location in beautiful Delray Beach Florida provides the ideal setting for detoxification treatment.

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Other Detoxification Methods

Other Detoxification MethodsUnderstanding drug detoxification is important especially if you or a loved one is caught in the vicious circle of drug or alcohol addiction. Detoxification is the process that involves complete abstinence from the drug or alcohol that is being abused. During the phase of detoxification, the individual undergoes psychological and physical changes that occur due to abstinence of the abused substance, leading to moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms.

As each individual has his or her own set of symptoms due to the specific drug or quantity of alcohol that was being consumed, the withdrawal symptoms differ. In short, the withdrawal symptoms along with the intensity and time period of the detox process depends on the level and type of addiction. Trying to end the addiction without a professional detox program can be dangerous to the health and well being of the addicted individual.

Home detox

Trying to quit drugs at home can turn into a fatality. Thus, home detox is also termed as going ‘cold turkey’. Usually detox without supervision in cases of barbiturates, benzodiazepines and alcohol addiction can lead to sudden heart failure, seizures and other fatalities. Other than these physical manifestations, mental and psychological symptoms such as depression can start that cannot be handled alone or at home.

Outpatient detox

Other Detox MethodsOutpatient detoxification means that the individual cannot be monitored 24 hours and is without medical supervision, which similar to home detoxification, can turn fatal or have severe side effects that are detrimental to the health of the addicted individual. Medical supervision is required while undergoing detox.

Supervised medical detox

This is the best and the most comfortable way to ensure that the rehab treatment will be a success. Not only is it done under medical supervision of professional addiction specialists but supervised medical detox ensures that the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms is reduced considerably. In this type of detox program, as soon as an individual enters the detoxification phase, 24 hours monitoring is conducted by the doctors and the nursing staff

Other Detoxification MethodsRapid Detox

The usages of specific medicines that make the body withdraw from the addictions of drugs or alcohol while the individual is under general anesthesia is termed as rapid detox. This can put the body into shock and has considerable associated risks.

At Blue Water Detox facility, we aim to provide an environment where the individual feels comfortable and safe while undergoing detox. With a team of addiction specialists, licensed psychologists and efficient nursing staff, detoxification is monitored and medically supervised 24/7 ensuring complete well-being of the addicted individual as our first priority.

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