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Natural Drug Detox

What is a natural drug detox?

Natural Drug DetoxNatural drug detox has been defined as the use of a gentle, non-medicinal process that enables the body to balance and heal from drug toxins that resulted from abuse, addiction, or dependency. As opposed to a medical detox which involves the use of specific medications (depending on the type of addiction) to ease the withdrawal symptoms incurred and make the individual more comfortable, no medications are involved in a natural detox. There are different schools of thought regarding a medical detox versus a natural one.

Can a person detox naturally from alcohol or drugs or both?

The answer to that is “yes” and “no”, depending on the type of drug that you have been using. Although natural drug detox is not recommended for an alcohol dependency, it is possible for an individual to stop using the drug they have been abusing, addicted to, or dependent upon, but it must be done cautiously and gradually, especially if the substance addiction or dependency involves certain prescription medications.

The type of detox that an individual undergoes depends on three factors:

  • how frequently the person was using the drug
  • how long they have been using the drug
  • how much of the drug was being used each time
  • what type of drug they have been addicted to or dependent on

The typical approach of any natural detox may involve the use of either diet, exercise, food supplements (minerals and vitamins), massage, meditation, sauna and spa treatments, or Yoga. Specialized procedures will oftentimes use a combination of these for the detox process before continuing with rehab and recovery.

Different detox programs

A natural drug detox begins once you have undergone the more traditional drug detox at an addiction rehab center. The natural drug detox typically runs long-term, especially if your drug addiction or dependency has been going on for a long period of time and has gotten so severe that it could turn life-threatening at any time. This brings up a statistical point regarding drug detox in general. Under supervised conditions, the fatality rate in the more severe cases can be as high as 15%. Take away that supervision and it jumps to 35%.

A more common approach to drug detox is the Holistic approach

Holistic DetoxThis is an integrated approach to detox that combines the more traditional method of drug addiction detox with emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health exercises. Your focus is on your overall health and well-being as well as maintaining your will to live. This helps you overcome how far out of control your life has gotten due to the emotional mental, physical, and spiritual turmoil of your situation.

The primary goal

The goal of Holistic natural drug detox is to put the will to live back in your life by showing you how great a substance-free life can truly be. The intent of the Holistic drug addiction detox and recovery is to invigorate and renew the individual by enabling them to attain wellness in their body, mind, and spirit. In so many words, the highest priority is placed on the way in which the individual feels while enabling you to have your own spiritual beliefs and not be forced to adhere to those contradictory to yours.

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