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Medical Detox

Substance abuse, including drug and alcohol addiction, is a serious matter. The effects can be devastating for both the individual who is addicted as well as all those around them. Addiction becomes a family issue, and all members of the victim’s family as well as all those closest to them (friends, co-workers) will feel the effects of the disease.

Why Medical Detox?

Some people may not know this, but substance addiction and abuse is considered a serious medical issue. Whether it has its roots in emotional or psychological reasons, life stress’s, a chemical imbalance or physical cravings and dependency, addiction to alcohol or other drugs can have a profound physiological effect on the body. Addiction is not to be taken lightly, or written off as a “self control” issue, or strictly a psychological issue. There are definite biological and medical components to addiction, and the disease should be treated as such.

What is Medical Detox?

Medical detox is a process by which the addicted person’s body is cleansed and purged of the chemicals and chemical residues that tend to accumulate within the fat tissue of the body due to alcohol and drug usage. Drug detox is generally the very first stage of the alcohol and drug rehab process regardless of the treatment model administered. Immediately upon entering a rehab facility, the patient will start on a medical detox.

Successful treatment is unlikely without the implementation of a full medical detox. If the addictive substance is still in the body, and even just traces of the substance can keep the addictive cycle alive. The detox process facilitates full removal of the substance from all cells, tissues and the patient’s bloodstream. Cravings for drugs and alcohol drop dramatically once the body and its tissues have been fluidly purged of all remaining remnants of the chemistry of the substance.

Withdrawal Symptoms

A common effect of the medical detox treatment is the experience of withdrawal symptoms. Depending upon the person and the substance the person has been abusing, there can be physiological and psychological reactions to abruptly stopping usage of the substance of choice. This is where a being in a medical facility has tremendous benefit. If withdrawal symptoms become severe, medications to ease the process can be prescribed. Also, if there are any serious medical conditions or reactions that are exacerbated by the detox process, the rehab facility’s medical professionals are fully equipped and ready to administer the appropriate medical treatment and care.

Let Blue Water Detox Help

No matter what the cause of an addiction, the very first phase of a successful rehab is a thorough medical detox. Without this crucial first step, the odds of overcoming an addiction drop dramatically. The professionals at Blue Water Detox are experienced, knowledgeable and most of all genuinely caring when it comes to helping you or your loved one through the detox process. Don’t take the risk of being unequipped to handle unexpected medical reactions during a self-detox. Trust Blue Water Detox to be your partner in this important first step to getting on the road to recovery.

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