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Inhalant Drug Treatment

The Problem at Hand

Both the short-term and long-term consequences of using inhalants pose great danger to the user. If you’ve discovered that your child or another loved one is addicted to inhalants it can be a very unsettling and upsetting discovery. Often, chemical products kept around the house are used for huffing, and this may lead you to feel that you are partly to blame for the addiction, but you’re not.

We Have the Answers

You and your loved ones can obtain answers to important questions and seek help by speaking with one of Blue Water Detox’s intake counselor who is knowledgeable about huffing and inhalant drug treatment programs. An effective treatment program is important to the long- and short-term health of your child or family member. The information below can help you better understand inhalant addictions as you prepare to seek treatment for your family member.

  • What Are Inhalants? Inhalants are chemicals found in adhesive sprays, solvents and cooking spray. They create the same effect in the body as many other mood-altering drugs. The effects produced by huffing are short-lived, leading the user to use inhalants repeatedly for a more prolonged effect. Most inhalants used are common household products.
  • Who is Susceptible? Adolescents and teens are particularly susceptible to inhalant use and addiction, and peer pressure is often involved in first use. Because the products used for huffing are household products, many children do not recognize them as being dangerous the way other drugs are.
  • Inhalant Addiction Symptoms. Initial huffing experiences cause the user to feel similar to the experience of being drunk. He or she might stagger, suffer from short-term memory loss, look dazed, have slurred speech and exhibit behavior problems. As the addiction accelerates, symptoms can become more severe as psychological and physical damage worsens.
  • The Effects of Inhalant Use. Huffing causes the chemicals to go directly from the blood stream to the brain where it affects the neurotransmitters. Adolescents and teens who are still developing are at a great risk for neurological damage due to inhalant addiction. Repeated use of inhalants can also lead to kidney, liver, lung and heart damage.
  • Common Withdrawal Symptoms. Inhalant withdrawal symptoms can be scary for you and the user. Aggression, tremors, hallucination and headaches are amongst some of the symptoms experienced by the user as their body withdraws from inhalant chemicals. Appropriate inhalant drug treatment addresses these issues with a focus on the addict’s physical and psychological health, too.
  • Inhalant Drug Treatment. Inpatient treatment is a critical part of recovery for someone addicted to huffing. This allows medical staff members to address the addiction as well as the medical issues caused by it. An intake counselor can help you understand the level of care required by inhalant drug addicts.

 Let Blue Water Detox Help Today!

Inhalant drug addiction is very scary, especially when adolescents and teens are involved. No matter what the age of your loved one, getting help is crucial to their health. Without a support network, this can be a very difficult task for you. By filling out the feedback form or calling to speak with a Blue Water Detox  intake counselor you can gain access to someone who’s knowledgeable about drug treatment and addiction.

An inpatient treatment program can be the life-saving opportunity your loved one needs, while providing you with the insight and support to help you understand and deal with your loved one’s recovery from inhalant addiction. Call Blue Water Detox today, or simply fill out the feedback form on this page and we will contact you promptly.


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