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How Long does it Take to Detox from Opiates?

How Long does it Take to Detox from Opiates?During the first quarter of each year, the DEA publishes their annual report regarding the primary drug threats in the US. For many years now, it has included opiates and opioid-based prescription medications as one of those primary drug threats. There are also a number of healthcare organizations in the medical community that view the addiction to these substances as serious public health threats. The question that is most oftentimes raised by addicted individuals is “how long does it take to detox from opiates?”

The three most common opiates

In order to answer the question above, it is important to understand what the primary opiate substances involved are. Currently, the following three substances are responsible for the largest percentage of admissions into addiction rehab clinics:

Heroin – One of the most dangerous and powerfully addictive substance available on the streets today. It is usually injected, smoked, or snorted in order to achieve the most effective and fastest high possible. Heroin overdose kills thousands of individually annually while many individuals who inject the drug run the risk of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis from the use of needles and syringes used by others.

OxyContin – A narcotic painkiller designed as a timed release medication that is extremely effective for the treatment of pain over several hours before needing to take more of it. The problem with OxyContin abuse began when individuals discovered that they could get the total impact of it by crushing it into a powder and snorting it or mixing it with a liquid and injecting it.

Vicodin – The brand name for hydrocodone and is currently one of the most illegally used prescription drugs in the US today. It is prescribed for the treatment of pain resulting from injuries or post-surgical procedures. The danger involved with Vicodin is how rapidly tolerance build-up occurs. Additionally, the onset of addiction or dependency is oftentimes as swift. In many instances, it occurs almost unnoticeably.

The duration of the detox process

how long does it take to detox from opiates?” Well… you have to take into consideration several elements regarding the individual, which include:

  •  the amount of the opiate that was being ingested with each usage
  •   the frequency in which the opiate was being used
  •   the length of time the individual has been using the opiate
  •   the specific opiate that the individual is using

Time to Detox From OpiatesKnowing these four elements makes it considerably easier to determine the type of detox program that will best address the individual’s specific needs. For example, is a medical detox more appropriate for this individual or can a natural detox be just as effective and enable the individual to accomplish the same goals?

When asking the question “how long does it take to detox from opiates?” You need to know the type of formats used. There are two basic formats where detoxing from opiates is concerned – the in-patient, residential format or a more intensive out-patient program. The choice is based on the needs of the person, but affordability is the primary one as many individuals do not have the financial means to pay for a residential type or the insurance coverage to handle the expenses involved.

How Long does it Take to Detox from Opiates?Blue Water Detox can help

Our medical detoxification programs are the most comprehensive, in-patient alcohol and drug detox programs in the US. A simple assessment interview in person or over the phone will help us determine the modicum of care that will address your needs effectively. Please contact Blue Water Detox today for more information on our facility and our medical detox programs so that you can get back to living a substance-free life again.

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