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How does Drug Detox Work?

Is there one drug detox that works better than all the rest?

How does Drug Detox Work?Where addiction treatment and recovery is concerned, there is no single formula for success because of the fact that no two individuals are ever alike. The same holds true when you ask the question “how does drug detox work?” There is no single detox that can be referred to as a one-size-fits-all type of drug detox that works on every individual. Even the best detox programs are not guaranteed to work the first time an individual enters one in order to start recovering from their addiction or dependency issues.

By definition, the ideal drug detox program addresses every aspect of an individual’s drug habit while at the same time working to rid the person’s body of the substance toxins that have built up since they started using their substance of choice. In addition to the physical dependency created by the substance the individual has been using, there are psychological dependencies that exist as well. These will need equal attention during the addiction treatment and recovery process in order for the program to be completely successful.

Just exactly how does drug detox work?

From the beginning of the detox process and continuing through the withdrawal period, we normally see a shift in attitude between the substance and the physical and psychological aspects of the addiction or dependency. This attitude shift is necessary for any one who wants to undergo a successful detox process. The withdrawal symptoms that occur are both mental and physical in nature while being extremely difficult to withstand as they are very painful and unpleasant.

How Does Detox WorkWhen asked “how does drug detox work?” it is best answered by saying that it completely depends on the particular type of detox process that has been selected. This is typically based on the exclusive clinical and personal needs of the addicted individual. The individual may choose to detox on their own without medical supervision. This is never recommended as it is potentially dangerous and the individual could seriously harm themselves or even die. The chances of being successful are much greater when you are medically supervised.

The ideal detox program involves a combination of medical supervision and a gradually tapering dosage of the medication being administered during this period. The detox stage is usually followed by group and individual counseling. Once the individual is allowed to return home, they may be referred into an aftercare network so they can participate in a support group to further assist them in the recovery process. When relapse happens, as it does occasionally, this is primarily due to the physical and psychological stress that occurs.

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