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Heroin Detox

Heroin Addiction

Addiction to heroin develops fast and, before you or your loved one know it, achieving the next high becomes the focus of life. As one who’s been affected by heroin addiction, you understand the heartache involved in watching a healthy, whole person quickly transform into a shell of what they once were. Although you’ve already tried everything to stop yourself or a loved one from continuing to use heroin, the drug is too powerful and strong to overcome without help.

Learn More About Heroin Detox

It’s crucial that professional help is sought to overcome heroin addiction. Trying to stop on your own can prove to be life threatening. If you or a loved one are losing the battle to heroin, you can learn more about Blue Water Detox’s drug detox program and how we can help you put an end to heroin’s stronghold. As you speak with an intake counselor, you’ll learn more about these different areas of heroin abuse and treatment.

  • Signs of Heroin Addiction. It’s possible to hide early heroin use, but this powerful drug can lead to addiction within a few uses. Once addiction takes over symptoms quickly develop. Behavioral changes, such as isolation, and financial problems due to paying expensive heroine prices are two of the most predominant signs.
  • What Happens When Someone Becomes Dependent. As addiction takes over, significant weight loss can occur, nausea and vomiting become more regular and your loved one will become agitated and start stealing to support his or her habit. These changes eventually lead to discord in the family as relationships and responsibilities become less important to the user and family members are left to pick up the pieces and deal with the damage.
  • Consequences of Continued Heroin Abuse. Continued heroin abuse can lead to serious health consequences. Street heroin often contains additives and toxins that can cause vital organs to become damaged. Those who inject heroin are also at-risk of contracting an infectious disease such as hepatitis or HIV/AIDS and can suffer from serious respiratory problems. Most of the health issues caused by heroin addiction can become life threatening.
  • The Dangers of Detoxing Alone. Attempting to quit heroin use alone is extremely dangerous. Although early withdrawal symptoms do not appear to be potentially fatal, they quickly become so. Tremors, restlessness, vomiting and body aches can begin within hours of the last use. These withdrawal symptoms are soon followed by hallucinations, disorientation and periods of unconsciousness.
  • Professional Detox Makes a Difference. A professional detox program can be the difference between life and death. Someone who’s detoxing from heroin is unable to care for themselves during the time their body goes through withdrawal while becoming heroin-free. Close monitoring and professional medical care keeps you or your loved one safe through the duration of the detox phase.
  • Blue Water Detox Heroin Treatment Programs. At Blue Water Detox we care for you or your loved one in a luxurious, peaceful setting while alleviating withdrawal symptoms through medical detox. Throughout the detox program, cross-tolerant medication is administered to help the body and mind ease through the transition to sobriety. By reducing fear, anxiety and pain associated with heroin detox, we can help the user move forward into successful recovery.

We’ll Help You Overcome Heroin Addiction

Despite the severe consequences of heroin addiction, this dangerous drug is a formidable foe that’s not beaten easily. The compassionate, expert staff at Blue Water Detox can successfully help you or a loved one through heroin detox and recovery treatment. Fill out the feedback form or call an intake counselor today to get answers to your questions and find the help that can make a difference in your life. Hope, health and happiness are possible again, and we want to help you get there.

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