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Drug Detox Methods

The Challenges of Choosing a Detox Program

Drug Detox MethodsThere are currently more than 11,000 drug rehab facilities throughout the US, all of which offer some type of medical or natural drug detox methods. You can easily see why when an individual is reaching out for help with their drug addiction or dependency that they could have a difficult time choosing a detox program. Searching through the internet will involve hour upon hour of scrolling through all the search results. Google alone lists 2.64 million results to filter through.

Some drug detox methods target only opiate addictions such as codeine, heroin, or morphine while others will target prescription painkillers (hydrocodone or oxycodone-based medications). Additionally, there are in-patient, out-patient, and rapid drug detox methods (see below) to consider when making your decision. Regardless of the different formats, they all have one thing in common – they are all the most important step you can take to overcoming addiction and returning to a normal, substance-free lifestyle.

Three Elements to the Detox Process

Granted, each one of the three different drug detox methods mentioned above have their own merits. However, there are three elements that are involved in the detox process, no matter what type of format or program we are discussing. These include:

  1. Evaluating the individual – Evaluation involves testing the individual for the amount and type of substance that is in their system. They are also examined in order to see if there are any behavioral and mental conditions, co-existent psychological disorders, or dual diagnosis issues that need to be addressed during the rehab process.
  2. Stabilizing the individual – Further guidance through the detox stage is provided with or without any medicines being administered based on the type of drug detox program that the individual is entering. However, the medical drug detox methods are considered to be the more effective of the two types.
  3. Guiding the individual through all stages of the rehab process – Preparing the individual for the next stage in the rehab process is the final step in the drug detox process. The drug detox stage only addresses the addiction to or physical dependency on alcohol or drugs. But it does not address the psychological ones. One this stage is completed, the individual must give their consent to being enrolled in the ensuing rehab stages.

Being Successful in the Detox Stage

Successfully defeating drug addiction and returning home to a substance-free lifestyle is the ultimate goal of the different drug detox methods used in the rehab process. There are several keys to success when you are undergoing detox:

  • Choose the detox program that will effectively address your unique clinical and personal needs.
  • Don’t attempt to detox on your own without professional medical assistance.
  • It’s going to take a lot of work so be prepared for it.
  • Methods of Drug DetoxKeep your mind open to the different drug detox methods.
  • Open up when presented with the opportunity to do so and always be honest with those around you in the program.
  • Pay attention to what the doctor tells you.
  • Stay in the program as long as possible.
  • Take advantage of every opportunity to build relationships and create strong bonds with your fellow peers and the staff members of the facility.

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