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" Blue Water Detox provides a caring, safe, luxurious and supportive environment that will enable you to return to a substance-free lifestyle "

Our location in beautiful Delray Beach Florida provides the ideal setting for detoxification treatment.

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Drug Detox Center

Drug Detox CenterPeople who have a problem with or an addiction to alcohol or drugs will need medical detox to break free of the chemicals that have taken over their body and their life. Drugs that require detox include Cocaine, Valium, Xanax, Oxycontin, Percocet, Amphetamines, Heroin, Klonopin, Vicodin, Crack, Adderall, other non-prescription “street” drugs, and many other prescription medications as well. The safest and most effective way to remove the drugs or alcohol from the system and start rehab is a medically supervised program like the Blue Water Detox program.

Services At Blue Water

The environment at Blue Water Detox is one of peace, serenity, and luxury: The services are inspired by luxury spas, and this type of environment helps patients to go through their recovery process in the most gentle and effective way possible. Blue Water Detox is a professional drug and alcohol treatment center that places a special emphasis on creating a highly effective comprehensive drug and alcohol detox program.

The services at Blue Water Detox include a medically supervised drug and alcohol detox program. Upon admittance to the Blue Water facility, the patient will begin the detox. During this time, the many toxins that the drugs or alcohol has left in the body will be eliminated. The residual chemicals that linger in the body will be allowed to fully exit the body. Once these chemicals are gone, the recovery can begin. Patients may begin to experience some withdrawal symptoms as their body realizes that no more toxic drugs or alcohol is being used.

Making Detox ComfortableDetox as comfortable as possible

Although withdrawal is for many people can be very difficult, Blue Water patients have the distinct advantage of the medically supervised withdrawal process, which allows for the prescription of medications that can help greatly lessen the pain and discomfort of withdrawal. Such drugs include Naltrexone, Subutex, and Methadone. All patients will be medically evaluated so that they can receive the most effective possible medication to help them through the detox process. The dispensing of all withdrawal medications is medically supervised at all times.

Detoxing at home can be dangerous

Patients who attempt withdrawal at home are taking on a dangerous thing: Many patients have actually died while trying to self-detox. Medically supervised programs like the one at Blue Water are staffed by detox and drug recovery experts who can make sure that recovery gets the ideal beginning.

Patients find that the services at Blue Water Detox are a cut above those found at other recovery centers because the comfort and relaxation of the patient is paramount at Blue Water. This sense of serenity begins the moment that patients arrive at Blue Water: Located in Delray Beach, Florida, the atmosphere is a sun-soaked one with stunning views of sandy beaches, blue skies, and endless blue ocean.

Patients will be housed in accommodations that are on par with those found in luxury spas and hotels. Blue Water Detox provides a beautiful and highly luxurious environment to help patients begin their recovery journey in the most positive, uplifting, and enjoyable way possible. Each patient is given access to services such as massage and other spa inspired services. This is part of the Blue Water philosophy that a comfortable and relaxed patient is in the best emotional and physical state to truly embrace their new alcohol and drug free lifestyle.

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If you or your loved one has found themselves in a losing battle with addiction, please seek help with Blue Water Detox. You are not alone in this fight. We understand what you are going through and we are here to help.

Call us today at the toll free number at the top of the page. If voicing your struggle causes anxiety, please simply fill out our form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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