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" Blue Water Detox provides a caring, safe, luxurious and supportive environment that will enable you to return to a substance-free lifestyle "

Our location in beautiful Delray Beach Florida provides the ideal setting for detoxification treatment.

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Detox Therapy

Addiction rehab begins with detox therapy

Detox TherapyDetox therapy involves several methods of purifying the body of the toxins that build up during alcohol or drug addiction. Detox is in itself the single most important stage of the entire rehab process. It is also the most difficult because of the withdrawal symptoms that typically occur. These symptoms can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. They can also turn life-threatening without the proper medical care, monitoring, and supervision that characterizes medical detox therapy.

How to succeed in detox therapy

In order to be successful at completing detox therapy having the knowledge of what to expect during this stage is extremely helpful. You need to prepare emotionally as well as physically for this difficult stage of rehab and recovery. Finally, you need to have the dedication, desire, and determination to succeed because ultimately, that success is in your own hands and no one will succeed unless they try on their own. Here are a few tips for a successful detox:

Choose the right detox therapy – in some instances, depending on the type of substance that an individual is addicted to and how severe the addiction is, out-patient detox therapy may be effective. However, statistics still show that the in-patient format works best.

Detox TherapyDon’t attempt to go “cold turkey” – As withdrawal symptoms with certain addictions such as alcohol and opiates can oftentimes be potentially life-threatening, you should never attempt to detox on your own.

Keep your mind open to all the options – Having a positive attitude and being open to different detox therapy options increases your chances of being successful during this stage. So don’t rule out any medical or non-medical detox options.

No one said it would be easy – Being successful during detox therapy takes a lot of effort and you need to prepare yourself to work for it. There is no one-size-fits-all magic pill and it is going to take a lot on your behalf to succeed and not cave into the intense cravings for alcohol or drugs that is commonly associated with withdrawal.

Stay involved as long as possible – You want to invest as much of your time as possible into being successful throughout the entire rehab process. The more time you spend being substance-free before returning to society, the better your chances are of staying that way.

Most importantly, pay attention to what your doctor tells you and follow all of their instructions. Remember, attempting to cheat the system and not follow instructions exactly will only lessen your chances of being successful in your attempt to rid your body of the toxins that built up during your addiction. It is important to recognize the need for a full detoxification when trying to quit drugs or alcohol.

Let Blue Water Detox Show You the Way

The Blue Water Detox facility specializes in a number of medical detox programs that can all be customized to address your personal and clinical needs. Our medical detox therapy has one of the highest recovery success rates in the US. If you would like more information about our facility and our different detox programs, please call us and talk to one of our detox therapy specialists today.

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