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Detox from Oxycodone

What is Oxycodone?

Detox From OxycodoneOne of the more common opioid analgesics or painkillers is oxycodone, substance that is derived from thebaine in the opium poppy. Although the drug is one of the more commonly prescribed painkillers, it is extremely popular with recreational drug users. As a result of its highly addictive nature, most of the rehab centers throughout the US now offer detox from oxycodone programs. Since its development, oxycodone has been prescribed for the treatment of moderate to acute or severe pain.

The onset of Addiction

Despite the drug’s popularity with recreational drug users, a large number of individuals develop a dependency on oxycodone when they are taking it as prescribed by their physician. Even though they begin taking it for the relief of pain, they soon find themselves dependent upon the medication because of the euphoric, opiate-induced effects it causes. What ultimately happens as the tolerance to oxycodone builds up, is that the person experiences withdrawal symptoms whenever they decrease their dosage or stop taking it.

As the dependency on the drug worsens, the need for entering a detox from oxycodone program becomes critical when the individual can no longer function throughout the day without taking it or when the withdrawal symptoms arise from stopping the drug’s use. In the more severe cases of oxycodone addiction, the individual will do whatever it takes to maintain a supply of it. They will participate in criminal behavior or fraudulent behavior such as “doctor shopping” for multiple prescriptions.

Inherent Risks of Oxycodone Addiction

There are numerous risks involved with long-term oxycodone use some of which are potentially dangerous and life-threatening. The greatest risk is death due to overdose. The longer the individual uses oxycodone, the body’s reaction to it becomes unpredictable and unreliable. The same dosage of oxycodone that you took yesterday could have a totally different effect on you today. The risk of overdose occurring is the greatest when an individual has abstained from taking the drug in order to overcome their dependency.

Benefits of Entering Detox

Detox from Oxycodone BenefitsOne of the benefits of entering an in-patient rehab program to detox from oxycodone is that you will be medically cared for, monitored, and supervised around the clock to ensure your comfort as well as your safety. This is also one of the reasons why you should never attempt to detox on your own as withdrawal symptoms can be extremely dangerous and even life-threatening. There is also the risk of developing numerous health problems such as cardiac issues, kidney and liver failure, and respiratory problems.

Oxycodone addiction results in a lost quality of life. The things that you enjoy most in life such as your spouse and children, your friends, your hobbies and interests, and school or work are no longer as important as maintaining a supply or the drug. You are obsessed with getting and taking more of the drug while nothing else matters. Families, friends, and other relationships fall to the wayside and their whole focus in life is the drug.

We are Here to Help You

Blue Water Detox is an in-patient, medical detox facility that offers individuals an effective way to detox from oxycodone. We specialize in comprehensive alcohol and drug detox programs that can be customized to facilitate the needs of any individual suffering with an addiction so that they can return home to live substance-free. With luxury accommodations and therapies that are spa-inspired, the individual is able to live in a homelike setting that is highly conducive to long-term recovery.
If you would like more information on a detox from oxycodone program with a high recovery success rate, please contact Blue Water Detox and speak with one of our caring staff members today.

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