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Cocaine Detox

Cocaine is considered to be one of the most addictive substances in the world. This stimulant is sometimes called the “caviar” of drugs, as it is considered a bit more “high end” than some of the other street drugs. A shocking number of people have had an experience with cocaine. A recent study found that 15% of all Americans had at least tried it, and 6% of this group did so while still in high school. While the most prevalent cocaine use tends to be among the young and affluent, cocaine addiction can strike just about anyone from any walk of life.

In order to overcome this persistent addiction, a three-pronged approach is generally employed. The three components of treatment include some form of detox, counseling and after care. if you are battling cocaine addiction, it is advisable to enroll in a rehab program. It is relatively rare that a person with full blown cocaine addiction is able to overcome it without some sort of support. A rehab center is a safe and controlled environment in which to undertake this important journey.

The first step of a rehab protocol is to detox from the drug. The steps of being admitted to and undergoing a drug detox program are usually as follows:

  • Evaluation and Assessment. Once admitted to a rehab center, the patient will undergo a complete physical and psychological evaluation. They will share their medical, psychiatric and drug use history so that proper care can be administered.
  • Diagnosis. Further testing may be required if a co-occurring medical or psychological disorder is detected. A doctor and/or treatment team will develop an initial treatment protocol and begin to implement it.
  • Medication. If it is determined that the additional medical, physical or psychological issues require medication, it will be prescribed at this time.
  • Medical Care. If needed, medical care will be available throughout the course of treatment. However it is most often needed (if at all) at the beginning of treatment as the detox process gets underway.

Dealing With Cocaine Detox Withdrawal Symptoms

While cocaine addiction is generally a psychological addiction, there is somewhat of a physical component to this addiction as well. Because of this, there can be withdrawal symptoms associated with cocaine detox. These can include but are not limited to: irritability, headache, restlessness, insomnia, fatigue, nightmares, malaise, changes in appetite, depression, anxiety and paranoia.

These symptoms can be increased in persons who have co-existing psychological conditions. If needed, medications can be prescribed to help lessen the effects of some or all of these withdrawal symptoms.

Individual and Group Therapy

After detox, the next phase of treatment involves individual and group counseling sessions. It is crucial to get to the bottom of a cocaine addiction and address the underlying issues that might be fueling it. Whether the patient has current stress’s in life, unresolved issues from childhood, difficult current family dynamics or untreated trauma, there is almost always an emotional or psychological “driver” behind the addiction. Counseling is a crucial part of neutralizing the urge for cocaine at its root.

Ongoing After Care

The sad fact is that cocaine addiction has a fairly high incidence of relapse. The best way to minimize the chance of relapse and maximize the patient’s odds of success is through quality, ongoing, supportive after care. The specifics will vary from person to person, but the main component will be plenty of ongoing personal counseling and support from family, friends, peers and professionals.

There is help for cocaine addiction. While it will not always be an easy road, there is help available every step of the way, starting with cocaine detox and continuing to after care.

Blue Water Detox is one of the best cocaine detox and treatment centers around, and they are ready to help you or your loved one to finally break the cycle of addiction. Contact the Blue Water Detox today for a complete assessment and consultation.

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