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" Blue Water Detox provides a caring, safe, luxurious and supportive environment that will enable you to return to a substance-free lifestyle "

Our location in beautiful Delray Beach Florida provides the ideal setting for detoxification treatment.

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Drug Detox

What is Detox?

Drug addiction is like a thief in the night; it sneaks in quietly and steals everything from health to family relationships. As the loved one of an addict, you’ve experienced the pain of watching someone you care about succumb to the powerful control of drugs. It’s likely you’ve tried everything to get him or her to stop, but to no avail. The counselors and staff members at Blue Water Detox understand the stress and heartache you’ve endured as a result of addiction.

Learn More Today

Assistance for you or your loved one and freedom from addiction can begin today by filling out the feedback form or speaking with an intake counselor. During your conversation, the counselor you speak with will explain how treatment at Blue Water Detox can help you or your loved one through the recovery process. As part of this conversation, you’ll learn more about these aspects of drug detoxification.

  • Drugs Requiring Detoxification. Both illegal street drugs and illegally-used prescription drugs require closely supervised detoxification. The detox process helps remove the drug chemicals from the addict’s body so he or she can begin to heal physically and mentally. Drugs such as heroin, cocaine and other opiates, along with painkillers can be difficult and dangerous to attempt to quit without the safety of a monitored detox.
  • Why is Detox Necessary? Physical and psychological dependence develop as the substance abuser continues to use drugs. Eventually, the user’s body and mind require the drug to function normally. In as short as a few hours, withdrawal symptoms can begin and quickly become dangerous. A safe and supervised detox at Blue Water Detox protects you or your loved one from the potential dangers.
  • The Dangers of Not Seeking Drug Detox. If your loved one continues with addiction or attempts to quit drugs alone, he or she will face serious dangers. The consequences of continuing to use drugs include physical and mental health issues, possible incarceration and death. Those who try to go cold turkey, or detox by themselves, put themselves at-risk of life-threatening situations, such as choking to death on vomit, also known as aspiration.
  • How Blue Water Detox Can Help. Blue Water Detox provides medical detox treatment to help you or your loved one ease through the transition from addiction to recovery without suffering through withdrawal symptoms to their fullest extent. Medical detoxification also aids the body in removing the harmful toxins and drug residues, which successfully breaks physical or psychological dependency. Many people associate detox with pain and anxiety but our caring, compassionate detox program alleviates both for you.

Blue Water Detox Can Help

A medically assisted detox program at Blue Water Detox can provide relief from drug withdrawal symptoms while you or your loved one rest in the comfortable, spa-like accommodations. In addition to a safe, supervised detox program, the spa-inspired services promote an atmosphere of relaxation and healing. Don’t spend one more day agonizing over the effects of addiction; an intake counselor at Blue Water Detox is waiting to help you or your loved one take the first step toward sobriety today.

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