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Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol Withdrawal SymptomsThe Problem at Hand

Alcoholics and their family members often try to deny concerns over excessive drinking, chalking it up to having a good time or appeasing themselves with the knowledge that it’s only alcohol and not drugs. But the severe consequences and effects of alcoholism on the addict and his or her loved ones can cause as much damage as drug addiction. Although an occasional drink is fine for those without a drinking problem, if you or your loved one drinks to ease stress or feel “normal”, then drinking has developed into a problem.

Truth Behind Alcohol AbuseThe Truth Behind Alcohol Abuse

Nobody starts drinking alcohol with the intention of becoming an alcoholic. This illness creeps in stealthily and quickly becomes all-consuming in the alcoholic’s life. The caring and compassionate staff at Blue Water Detox can help you understand the importance of dealing appropriately with alcohol withdrawal symptoms. One phone conversation with an intake counselor can provide you with more information on the topics below and start you and your family on the road to recovery today.

  • Symptoms of Alcoholism. Several signs and symptoms can help if you’re uncertain about whether or not you or your loved one has a drinking problem. Neglect of work, home and family responsibilities as a result of drinking is one of them. Continuing to drink despite legal consequences or problems in a relationship is also indicative of alcoholism. One of the most serious signs of a problem is drinking that leads to physical dangers, such as driving while drunk.
  • The Consequences of Continued Abuse. Continued drinking can lead to kidney and liver damage, heart disease, cancer and heartbreaking social consequences, such as domestic violence, divorce, unemployment and a loss of your home. Sadly, alcoholism also wreaks havoc on family members and those close to the person with the drinking problem.
  • Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms can begin within several hours of the last drink. They may start out as mild, but quickly become severe and lead to anxiety on the part of the alcoholic. Early signs of withdrawal include hand tremors, sweating or racing pulse and insomnia. As the symptoms progress they can lead to vomiting, hallucinations, agitation and Grand Mal seizures.
  • The Dangers of Trying to Detox Alone. Going through alcohol detox alone is dangerous. Round-the-clock supervision and medical care is necessary to safeguard the person detoxing from potential danger. Hallucinations, vomiting, and seizures can all have potentially fatal consequences. The alcohol detox treatment program at Blue Water Detox helps ease you or your loved one through the first phase of treatment, while ensuring you remain safe and properly cared for.
  • The Blue Water Detox Alcohol Detox Program. Our mission is to help you or your loved one through alcohol detox by alleviating or eliminating as many withdrawal symptoms as possible. Although we tailor each treatment program to the needs of the patient, medical detox with cross-tolerant medications can help you or your loved one go through detox comfortably and without the pain of severe alcohol withdrawal.

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Blue Water Detox offers specialized alcohol detox programs to ease you or your loved one through alcohol withdrawal and the transition from addiction to sobriety. Our medical detox treatment, combined with the spa-like environment, paves the way toward successful recovery. Acknowledging that there’s a problem is the first leap toward a life of health, happiness and hope in sobriety. The caring professionals at Blue Water Detox can help you or your family member move successfully through the rest of the journey.

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