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Our location in beautiful Delray Beach Florida provides the ideal setting for detoxification treatment.

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Out-Patient Alcohol Detox

Outpatient Alcohol Detox

Entering a treatment program is a big step, as it well should be. It gives someone suffering from the grasp of alcohol addiction the chance to break free and live a healthy and sober life. Blue Water Detox offers several types of treatment plans, with out-patient alcohol detox as one of the options.

Outpatient Candidates

The most viable candidates for outpatient alcohol detox are at the lowest risk of experiencing severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms that would require immediate medical attention. Outpatient services can include low doses of medication to help a person get through the withdrawal period with the least amount of discomfort. Sometimes no medication is needed, with the determination made by the blood alcohol content after several hours of abstinence from alcohol.

Other characteristics important for an effective outpatient detoxification program include:

  • An exterior support system, such as a 12-step group, family and friends
  • A stable and supportive home environment conducive to sobriety
  • A positive response to therapies or other treatment methods
  • A willingness to follow the program and attempt to stay sober

Urine testing may be administered during the outpatient treatment program to help ensure the person is on the right track and not succumbing to old habits and behaviors. Following the program means adhering to the guidelines set forth by the facility.

Inpatient versus Outpatient Alcohol Detox

Inpatient detox takes place in our monitored environment, a necessity for those who are at risk for severe or life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. Outpatient services may require daily visits to our faclity, but the person is still living in a home environment.

Those who receive outpatient services are still facing the same trials and tribulations in the outside world as they did when they were drinking, although now they are doing it without a drink. Although this may be a challenge, that challenge can be successfuly met. Reaching out to the facility’s staff is always an option, as is employing the recovery tools being taught as part of the detox program.

Outpatient services are typically less costly than inpatient services, and Blue Water Detox accepts insurance.

How Outpatient Detox Works

The same recovery programs that work for inpatient services do the same during our outpatient option. Our staff meets and assesses a person’s medical and psychological states, then tailors a treatment program to effectively address the issues and begin the journey of recovery.

Cleansing the body of alcohol is the first step in the recovery process. Time can be all that is needed for outpatient detoxification, although medication is available when required. The next step in the process is setting up the foundation for recovery.

Blue Water Detox uses a combination of group therapy and individual counseling to help address the various issues that may have led to alcohol abuse and addiction in the first place. We also address patterns that may have stemmed from long-term alcohol use and abuse as well as defense mechanisms that are no longer need while living a sober life. A successful program brings a change in thinking and behavioral patterns that can sustain lifelong recovery.

Staying Sober

Recovery does not end once the program is complete. Blue Water Detox remains available for additional support and assistance, and we provide a host of tools people can consistently use in the outside world. Support groups are highly recommended, especially those that adhere to programs proven effective for recovery.

Getting Help at Blue Water Detox

Our outpatient alcohol detox is one of those proven programs. We have helped dozens of people escape from the merry-go-round of alcohol addiction and transform their lives into a positive, peaceful existence. We can help you or a loved one, too. Please contact Blue Water Detox by either filling out the form or calling one of our detox specialists today, at the toll free number above.

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