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In-Patient Alcohol Detox

Understanding the In-Patient Alcohol Detox Format

In-Patient Alcohol DetoxThe in-patient alcohol detox program is considered the most effective and safest type of detox of all of the different formats including home detox, out-patient detox, and rapid detox. Although drinking alcohol may be viewed as being socially acceptable in some society circles, the consumption of large quantities of it over an extended period of time can be addictive and even turn life-threatening or fatal if you are not careful. When a person cannot function throughout the day without it, an in-patient detox should be considered.

The Dangers of Going “Cold Turkey”

Although some individuals have successfully overcome their addiction to alcohol by going cold turkey, it is not a recommended form of detox to undergo when you have been a chronic drinker over a prolonged period of time. You are not cared for by licensed medical professionals so if something goes wrong when you are attempting to detox alone, it could be potentially life-threatening or fatal. After all, you are trying to overcome your addiction to alcohol in order to extend your lifespan.

Comparing In-Patient and Out-Patient Detox

Comparing In-Patient And Out-PatientThe best way to compare an in-patient alcohol detox program with an out-patient one is by looking at the benefits of each and determining which one has more benefits than the other. Aside from admitting that you have a problem with alcohol, it is critical to choose the type of detox program that will best target your unique personal and clinical needs so that you have the best chance of overcoming your dependency on it.

One of the first things to be aware of when you compare an out-patient with an in-patient alcohol detox program is the fact that numerous research studies have indicated that the in-patient one is considerably more effective than the out-patient format. There are several key reasons for this which include:

  • Around-the-clock medical care, monitoring, and supervision
  • Being highly conducive to long-term recovery
  • Developing an in-house support network by building relationships and creating strong bonds with fellow peers and staff members
  • Living in a safe haven and not being exposed to the potential triggers of your home environment

Undergoing an in-patient alcohol detox and progressing into the ensuing stages of the rehab process also enables you to receive counseling to uncover the reason you became addicted to alcohol in the first place. Finally, statistics show that the longer you stay in this type of facility, the longer you will remain clean and sober after you return home to society.

Is in-Patient Alcohol Detox Right for You?

There are number of ways that you can determine whether or not an in-patient alcohol detox program is the right one for you to pursue. Here are some things you should consider in order to determine if the in-patient type is the right format:

  • If you have tried unsuccessfully in the past to quit drinking cold turkey or attempted to do so by entering an out-patient detox program
  • If you continue to use alcohol despite the adverse effects on your health, family members, and other relationships
  • If you are experiencing increasingly more financial, legal, and social consequences
  • If you are continually depressed or are having thoughts of suicide

Are you tired of suffering with a dependency on alcohol and you would like to enter an effective in-patient alcohol detox program that is successful? We encourage you to contact the Blue Water Detox treatment center. Call us today!

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