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Alcohol Detox Symptoms

What exactly is alcohol detoxification?

Alcohol Detox SymptomsWhen an individual abruptly stops drinking alcohol in order to overcome their dependence on it in the hopes of returning to a clean and sober lifestyle, it is referred to as alcohol detox. When an individual enters an alcohol rehab facility to overcome their addiction, they usually begin the rehab process by undergoing some type of detox. In many cases, the person is administered certain cross-tolerant medications that help to alleviate or ease the alcohol detox symptoms resulting during detox and withdrawal.

Symptoms You May Experience

The alcohol detox symptoms that a person experiences during this stage of rehab can range in severity from relatively mild to extremely severe. However, this depends on the following three factors:

  • How long the individual has been drinking
  • How much the individual drinks each time
  • How often the individual drinks

For the most part, the detox stage has been designed and developed to be a life-changing experience that the individual remembers for the rest of their lives as they continue to recover while remaining clean and sober in the process. Unfortunately, this is the most difficult and uncomfortable stage of the entire rehab process. It is also a period of physical adjustment wherein the individual starts learning how to live without alcohol while at the same times employing certain techniques that help them to avoid relapsing.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, the most common alcohol detox symptoms that an individual experiences include:

  • abdominal and stomach cramps
  • appetite loss
  • symptoms of alcohol detoxDelirium Tremors a.k.a. the “shakes
  • depression
  • excessive sweating
  • headaches
  • intense mood swings
  • irritability
  • nausea and vomiting
  • nervousness or paranoia
  • nightmares

How long Will I be in Detox?

It is difficult to determine how long you will be in alcohol detox. It typically depends on the three factors mentioned above and how well you respond to the detox process. Remember that no two individuals are ever alike and neither are the types of alcohol detox symptoms that they will experience. On the average, the detox stage will last up to six weeks with the most severe withdrawal symptoms occurring within the first two or three weeks. However, the latter weeks of the detox stage can be uncomfortable as well.

Although some individuals manage to successfully detox without medical care, monitoring, and supervision, it is never recommended that you attempt to go cold turkey. When the body is detoxing, the alcohol detox symptoms that you experience may turn life-threatening and your life could be in danger, hence it is suggested that you be assisted medically. Detox is the beginning of a long journey down the road to sobriety so you should always consult with a physician before attempting to overcome your addiction.

Getting the Professional Help you Need

Once you have made the decision to enter an alcohol rehab facility, you will want to determine which type to enter based on your clinical and personal needs. The Blue Water Detox treatment center offers some of the most effective medical detox programs in the US and will be able to help you manage your alcohol detox symptoms during the process. These programs feature spa-inspired services and have some of the highest recovery success rates in the country.

Contact Bluewater Today!

The luxury homelike environment is highly conducive to the beginning of long-term recovery and you will be welcomed into a comprehensive in-patient medical detox program that can be customized to meet your unique personal and clinical needs. If you would like more information regarding our facility and how we can help you through these uncomfortable alcohol detox symptoms, please contact the Blue Water Detox treatment center today.

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