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Alcohol Detox Program

Alcohol Detox ProgramPeople with a history of severe and chronic alcohol abuse may need the help of an alcohol detox program to successfully quit drinking. An alcohol detox program is a monitored plan that purges alcohol from the system without allowing the person to succumb to the uncomfortable and sometimes fatal side effects of alcohol withdrawal.

A person who has become dependent on alcohol may face life-threatening dangers if he or she attempts to quit drinking without help. Delirium tremors is one of those dangers. This severe type of alcohol withdrawal is marked by extreme agitation and confusion, fever, hallucinations and seizures that may lead to death.
Blue Water Detox specializes in alcohol and drug detox programs, providing a safe, serene and monitored environment so necessary during the withdrawal process. Our alcohol detox program aims to alleviate the symptoms and reduce the dangers of withdrawal while setting the foundation for a successful recovery.

How Alcohol Detox Works

Ongoing alcohol abuse can leave a body on dependent on alcohol just to function, making an abrupt stop in alcohol consumption particularly hazardous. A body accustomed to its regular dose of alcohol and may not survive such an abrupt and sudden change.

Rather than forcing the body through such an abrupt change, an alcohol detox program gently weans the body off alcohol by initially replacing it with a cross-tolerant medication that produces the same effects as alcohol. The goal is to decrease the alcohol withdrawal symptoms as well as prevent potentially deadly complications.

An alcohol detox program typically includes monitoring of the bodily functions, replacement of fluids through an IV and, when warranted, the use of medication to sedate and mimic alcohol’s side effects to which the body has become accustomed.

Monitoring a person’s heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and chemical levels in the bloodstream help to ensure the body remains stable throughout the detoxification process. The use of medications can offset the uncomfortable and hazardous withdrawal symptoms.

Each person reacts to alcohol withdrawal differently, depending on a number of factors that include age, gender, overall health and history and length of abuse. Because of the wide range of reactions, even those who have not been drinking for very long can experience extreme side effects. A monitored alcohol detox program may be the only safe way to quit drinking.

Not quitting can be even more hazardous. Long-term, chronic alcohol abuse can eventually lead to problems with the liver, heart, eyes and other organs, digestive and neurological issues. It can increases the risk of dementia, memory loss, osteoporosis and certain cancers.

How Blue Water Detox Can Help

Blue Water Detox accommodates each individual by creating an alcohol detox program designed to meet specific needs. Our experienced staff has the training and medical backgrounds necessary to implement a successful alcohol detox program for a wide range of individuals. We further supplement the detoxification process with a comprehensive recovery program that does more than simply purge alcohol from the system. We set the foundation for recovery and provide the tools required to sustain it for an alcohol-free future. Contact Blue Water Detox today and we can assist you and your loved ones down the road to recovery.

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