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Alcohol Detox Process

How long does it take to detox from alcohol

Alcohol Detox ProcessThe alcohol detox process will usually last 4 to 6 weeks on average depending on several factors. The amount of time the person has been drinking along with how much they drink at one setting and how frequently they’ve been drinking. In most cases, the severity of the individual’s dependency on alcohol is going to determine how long detox will take. The early part of detox is also when the most severe withdrawal symptoms will occur. But even after weeks of abstinence, the person may still have an unpleasant time with withdrawal.

The first three weeks

As was mentioned above, it is usually in the first three weeks of the alcohol detox process when the withdrawal symptoms are the most severe and uncomfortable. Since alcohol use depresses the central nervous system, the person will suffer with the synapses firing when the person quits consuming it. The symptoms can be extremely severe and the person may experience serious conditions such as hallucinations, heart failure, or severe seizures. Just be aware that the initial stages of the process can be potentially life-threatening.

The next three weeks

As the individual enters the next three weeks of the alcohol detox process, the withdrawal symptoms and the potential for fatal circumstances will usually subside. By this time, the body should be rid of alcohol and the toxins it left behind even though there may be some lingering withdrawal symptoms. Typically, it is a matter of anxiety and sleeplessness, but these symptoms could last for up to a year. Even if you have completed the program, entering a support group will help you deal with these issues.

In-patient or out-patient detox?

In-Patient or Out-Patient DetoxSurprisingly, the alcohol detox process can be conducted on an in-patient or an out-patient basis. It’s just a matter of personal needs and preference. For instance, if you have the financial means or insurance coverage and you can afford taking a leave of absence from your job, you should enter an in-patient program. However, if you do not have the financial means, are the sole guardian or parent of children in the home, and are either pursuing your education or working a full-time job, then you should opt for the out-patient format.

What follows detox?

In most addiction rehab programs, the stage that follows the alcohol detox process is the group and individual counseling stage. This is a time for the individual to interact with their fellow peers during the group sessions while dealing with the emotional and psychological dependence on alcohol during their one-on-one individual counseling sessions. Once this stage has been completed, the individual will typically move on to the aftercare stage which involves entering a support group to further enhance their recovery.

If you would like more information on an effective alcohol detox process and the opportunity to get back on the road to a normal life free from alcohol, please contact Blue Water Detox today so you can discuss this with one of our caring specialists.

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