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Oxycodone Addiction Detox

What is Oxycodone?

Oxycodone Addiction DetoxOne of the more common narcotic analgesics that is widely prescribed for mild to severe pain is the semi-synthetic prescription drug Oxycodone. Because of its powerfully addictive qualities, it is a regulated substance that should be taken by individuals who have been directed to do so by a doctor. It is also one of the more popular drugs used in recreational drug circles. Numerous drug rehab facilities throughout the US today offer Oxycodone addiction detox programs to help those individuals who have a dependency on it.

Oxycodone’s most common application is for post-surgical applications when other types of painkillers have proven to be ineffective. However, it is only prescribed for this reason when the individual had been taking it prior to their surgical procedure. The drug is so potent, that according to many users, its effects can last for up to 24 hours at a time. Due to this potency and how highly addictive it is, Oxycodone overdoses are extremely common and so are the fatalities that result from overdosing.

The drug is not without its negative aspects. As a result of its addictive qualities, it exhibits a high potential for being abused. However, it greatly elevates the body’s dopamine levels, one of the brain’s neurotransmitters which is linked to the sensation of pleasure. This combined with its euphoric side effects makes it extremely popular with recreation drug users. It is oftentimes referred to as synthetic heroin because its side effects are very similar to the narcotic and just as addictive.

Why is Oxycodone addiction dangerous

Why Is Oxycodone Addiction DangerousWhen Oxycodone is taken in tablet form as prescribed, it functions as a timed-release drug. So, instead of having to take several of them over the course of the day, they only need to take one every 24 hours as we mentioned above. However, recreational users will either crush it into a powder and snort it or they will liquefy it can be injected so they can experience the effect of the drug all at once. It is much more addictive and potent when ingested in these ways. As a result, Oxycodone addiction detox becomes their only option.

This resulted in an extreme state of euphoria which oftentimes leaves numerous individuals addicted within a couple of uses of the drug. More than a few have experienced fatal overdoses as a result of this. It is also extremely dangerous due to the fact that as the addiction grows stronger, a tolerance to Oxycodone builds up in conjunction with the dependency. Consequently, the individual must ingest increasingly larger amounts of the drug which makes them more susceptible to overdosing.

Symptoms and warning signs of addiction

Symptoms and Warning Signs of AddictionThere are a number of symptoms and warning signs that indicate the presence of Oxycodone addiction. The following are the primary ones:

  •  depression
  •  energy spurts
  •  erratic mood swings
  •  insomnia and restlessness
  •  nervousness and excessive sweating
  •  obtaining more Oxycodone by lying or stealing
  •  pupil dilation
  •  thoughts of grandeur

The best way to approach a treatment involving Oxycodone addiction detox is to understand these physical and psychological warning signs.

Blue Water Detox is here to help you

If you or a loved one is trying to overcome your addiction to or dependency on this drug, our facility can determine what type of Oxycodone addiction detox program will effectively address your needs by conducting a brief assessment interview. Our in-patient, residential programs are extremely comprehensive in nature and rated as some of the most effective ones in the US. For more information regarding our facility and detox programs, please give us a call today.

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