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In-Patient Detox

What is in-patient detox?

In-Patient DetoxWhen an individual has admitted to having a problem with alcohol or drugs, the next step is to enter an addiction rehab program and undergo the detox process at the start of their treatment and recovery process. When this is conducted in a residential setting where the person is removed from their regular living environment, is referred to as an in-patient detox. By placing them in a safer environment, they are not exposed to the “triggers” that contributed to their substance addiction.

What to Expect During Treatment

Most individuals will have a lot of questions before entering treatment but the primary one is “what can I expect to transpire in an in-patient detox program?” Typically, this type of detox process involves several elements that all work in conjunction with one another in order to enable the individual to rid their bodies of the toxins created by their addiction. These elements include:

  • Activities that address body, mind, and spirit
  • Individual therapies
  • Nutritional counseling and support
  • Patient evaluation and pharmacological assessment
  • Therapeutic groups
  • Wellness

You are cared for, monitored, and supervised around the clock by a handful of different professionals who are all staff members in the in-patient detox program. This includes care coordinators, licensed therapists, nurses, and psychiatrists. By working together, the individual is provided with comprehensive treatment.

The In-Patient Detox Process

In-Patient Detox ProcessThe amount of time an individual spends in an in-patient detox depends on the person, how they respond to treatment, and the severity of their addiction. Factors that enter into the equation and help to determine how long detox will last includes:

  • The substance they are addicted to
  • The amount of the substance ingested each time
  • The frequency with which the person was using the substance
  • The length of time they have been addicted to the substance

Although many health insurance providers will cover the cost of in-patient detox, the length of days that coverage is provided may be limited.

Once the worst part of the detox process has ended, namely the withdrawal symptoms, the individual will receive access to various support groups, healthy foods and nutritional counseling, and therapy. Some programs even offer spiritual counseling for those persons who require it. In a medical in-patient detox, there are certain medications administered in order to alleviate the oftentimes painful and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that typically occur during this stage of treatment and recovery.

How to Know When Detox is Needed

If you have tried to stop drinking alcohol or using drugs in the past only to be derailed by certain withdrawal symptoms such as the shakes, sleeplessness, and sweats, you have developed a dependency on one of these substances. Another sign of needing to enter an in-patient detox is that you continue to drink alcohol or used drugs even when it is having adverse effects on you and is causing difficulties in your family and other relationships.

Tolerance build-ups will cause you to ingest increasingly larger amounts of alcohol or drugs in order to achieve the desired effect or “high” that you are searching for. An intense craving for more alcohol or drugs is another indicator of a problem as this is a symptom of withdrawal. The bottom line is that the more you need for drinking alcohol or using drugs to function throughout the day, the more likely the need for entering an in-patient detox.

We Can Help!

Blue Water Detox provides individuals with all types of substance addictions and effective in-patient detox program with extremely high success rate. We specialize in a number of comprehensive medical detox programs for alcohol and drug addiction. Contact us today to know more about it.

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