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Help for Heroin Addiction

Heroin Affects the Entire FamilyHeroin Addiction – An American Curse That Affects the Entire Family

Drug addiction is no strange illness that only occurs in distant countries. It is a real and local American curse.

In a recent letter to the alcohol and drug abuse department of Columbia University, a young girl cried out for someone to help her brother, a thirty-five years old heroin addict. In harsh words that lacked the tack of outsiders looking in, she described a family in pain, lost on a roller coaster ride in the land of drug abuse.

“We all want off the ride,” she wrote. “He uses the family when he needs us, just to return to this disgusting drug.” Her heartache is real and the whirlwind goes on and on.

The man in the story is addicted to Black Tar heroin. The writer speaks of useless family efforts, a year of rehab in the methadone program, and the hurt of watching her brother go through the pain of withdrawal only to return to the habit a year later.

“Sometimes,” she says, “I almost wish he would get busted and sent to jail.”

The letter presents the picture of a battlefield that can touch any American family, anywhere in the nation and at any stage of life.

Here at Blue Water detox, we understand this war. We know the cost of this disease. We are here to help heroin addicts and their family members recover from the downward spiral of drug addiction.

Warning Signs Associated With Heroin Dependency and Addiction

Heroin DependencyPerhaps you sense discord in your family but you cannot pinpoint the exact root of the problem. Visual signs of heroin addiction include:

  • Behavioral changes such as seclusion and separation from general family activities
  • Physical reactions to drug abuse, including nausea, vomiting, weight loss, dilated or light-sensitive pupils and more
  • Unexplained financial difficulties
  • The presences of drug paraphernalia
  • Indications of needle use
  • Missing personal or household possessions
  • A sudden drop in job or school performance
  • New friends that seem out of place for previous behavior patterns.

In the early stages of heroin addiction, the user may successfully conceal the signs from friends, employers, teachers and family members. But in time, the cravings become more important than privacy, independence or family trust. Sooner or later, addiction reveals itself.

Detox – A Small Word for a Big Process

Recognizing the need for help is the beginning of healing. Yet breaking free of heroin addiction often requires that the user enroll in a heroin detox program. These programs can mean the difference between freedom and prison, struggle and peace, life and death. They are designed to effectively analyze, address and adjust to your personal heroin complications.

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Blue Water Detox provides a customized approach to helping heroin addicts break free of the cravings that consume their personal and family resources. Our facilities are designed to enable quick forward movement from rapid detox to home detox and from supervised medical detox to outpatient detox.

We are here to help you and your family find victory on the dark shores of heroin addiction. Contact us now.

Use the toll-free phone number to speak with a live detox specialists. Or simply complete the following information request form. We have the skill, the knowledge and the facilities to make your freedom from heroin abuse a reality.

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