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Addiction Detox

Technical definition and overview

Natural DetoxThe medicinal or physiological removal of an addictive toxic substance from the human body, as well as the withdrawal period that ensues once that substance is removed, is known as addiction detox, short for detoxification. The individual eventually returns to normal (homeostasis) after the addictive substance is completely removed from the person’s system and all desire to use the substance has finally passed. Detox does not always involve medication as there are natural versions of the process.

The process of medical addiction detox can apply to either alcohol or drug addiction based on the type of medication that is administered during the detox and withdrawal period. The detox process is a very difficult and unpleasant process for the individual to endure. So they are cared for by addiction specialists and licensed physicians during this unpleasant phase of the addiction treatment and recovery process. They receive around-the-clock care, monitoring, and supervision so that they can be as comfortable as possible.

What to expect during the process

Addiction DetoxThe addiction detox stage is the first of three that occurs during the addiction treatment and recovery process along with the counseling (group and individual sessions) and aftercare (support groups) stages. As was previously mentioned, the detox process is the most difficult and unpleasant stage of the three but if it is not completed, the individual can not proceed to the second phase. So this stage is critical to the success of the individual who wants to return to a normal life and remain substance-free.

The symptoms of addiction detox can be extremely severe depending on how severe the individual’s addiction to alcohol or drugs has been. The difficulty that the individual experiences during this stage depends on three elements besides the addictive substance that they were using:

  • how frequently they were using the substance
  • how long the addiction has been going on
  • how much of the substance they consumed during a single use

The withdrawal symptoms the individual experiences are oftentimes painful and unpleasant, hence the need for medical supervision during this stage of the addiction treatment and recovery process. The most common withdrawal symptoms include:

In many cases, the individual can be delirious, physically sick, and even violent. What you need to remember is that the addiction detox process, though extremely hard on the individual, may be what saves their life in the long run.

If you or a loved one is suffering with alcohol or drug addiction and are looking for an effective addiction detox program, please contact Blue Water Detox today at the toll-free phone number listed above.

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